Real DIY Wedding Invitation: Modern Yellow & Silver Glitter

Posted on October 20, 2016


krysta4-600 — Krysta —


I decided to design my own wedding invitations, since I enjoy doing DIY Projects and couldn’t find a style of invitation online that best fit with my wedding theme and colors.

I got a lot of inspiration from online searches to get an idea on style for my invitations and what I wanted to include within them.





I purchased all of my invitation pieces and printing through Cards and Pockets. I choose to use the Signature Kit with 3 inserts.

I only used computer programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to create the artwork for my invitations.




My invitations required a bit of an assembly line once it arrived. I decided to pay to have Cards and Pockets attach my invitation mat to the pocket, and then my husband and I attached the invitation to that pocket. We also decided to attach our belly bands to the invitations and attach the envelope liners into the envelopes.

This whole process took 2 evenings of work, but was totally worth it. We even ordered a custom stamp for cheap off Etsy to stamp our return address and purchased clear address labels for our guests.



Get inspirations from online to help you decide what style of invitation you like. You can also purchase invitation samples from Card’s and Pockets before purchasing.




 At Cards & Pockets we love DIYers.  We also know that one of the best ways to be inspired is to see and learn about other people’s experiences.  We are excited to share stories of our customers unique DIY invitation process.

Do you have a unique DIY story for your invitations?  We would love to hear more about it. Simply visit our “My DIY Story” entry page and fill out the submission form and you could be selected for our next featured story!

Be an inspiration, share your story today!

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