Thanksgiving is fast approaching!


Thanksgiving is approaching!

How about adding a little fun to your celebration this year,turkey02
with some holiday decorations from Cards & Pockets!
Featured here is our Turkey Shape Pack, which includes
materials for assembling up to 5 turkeys.
This product is easy to make: simply find
an apple to put in between the layers, and
vua-lah you have a 3D turkey! For a
themed place card or table decoration,
this bird will be sure to lighten the mood.

You can find the Turkey Shape Pack here.

Don’t forget the place cards! We carry harvest themed place cards that will ‘squash’ any seating disputes and add some holiday flair to your table scape.

We’re beyond thankful to have another year to share with you, the best customers in the world! We wish you all a happy and warm day with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!