My DIY Story: Elegant Black & Red Pocket Invitation

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We knew almost immediately that we wanted to incorporate black and red into our wedding as it’s a favorite combination for both the groom and myself. I had searched all over the internet for various options, but didn’t find anything I was head over heels for – and I figured I should be, if we’re spending decent money on it!

I knew we didn’t want to spend a ton, since my pragmatist side kept reminding me it would wind up in the bin anyway! I had purchased a rubber stamp of the filigree to use on other elements and when a good friend offered to help with the design, I was sold.

My dear friend, Evie helped with the design and my office-mate, Angela, gave me a crash course on inDesign.





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We sampled the A4 signature pocket and decided it was too small, but the standard signature pocket was just perfect. I could incorporate the glitter element of our color palette in the invitation mat and have the ivory card stock I wanted with the Mars RSVP envelope to give a little pop of color. Combined with the customized design and all bundled in the gorgeous black pocket and envelope and we are IN LOVE with our chic, elegant, and sophisticated design.



I HIGHLY recommend getting the glue Cards & Pockets sells for the mounting – it dries super fast and the applicator nozzle makes it super easy to apply. We also got wax sticks that go in a standard glue gun for the wax seal we want to use to close the pocket folder before it goes in the envelope.



1.) I pushed the heart-shaped brad through the invite and mounted to the top left corner of the design before running a thin bead of glue about a half-inch from the edge of the back of the mat and pressing the whole thing to the pocket folder.

(I pinned the invite to the mat instead of completely mounting it. This way, when it moves, you can really see the glitter gold mat, which is mounted to the black folder.)


2.) While that dried, we printed the at-home insert and address labels (we did Avery’s Pearlized Ivory Easy-Peel labels).

3.) Then we slid the Registry insert (4×5), the Reception insert (3.25×6), the RSVP card (3.25×5), and return envelope with a sticker and stamp into the pocket.

4.) We then put a dollop of the wax on the outside of the pocket and pressed it with a 1/2 inch sealing stamp with a ‘P’ for Petrella.

The whole assembly took about a minute once the glue was dried.



CHECK AND TRIPLE CHECK your designs!! The margins were tricky for me as a newbie to InDesign, but the Cards and Pockets print shop was super helpful and cleared up my misunderstanding of where the safety lines for graphics and text should be.


Congratulations, Loren & Vincent! Thank you for sharing your DIY Story with us!


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