My DIY Story: Jewel Tones Watercolor Pocket Invitation

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— Hannah’s Story 


We wanted our destination wedding to be full of color. We chose rich jewel tones and watercolor for a theme to be carried entirely throughout our wedding. The invitations were the first introduction to our wedding for our guests and we wanted them to speak to the location with colorful watercolor textures and create a fun vibe through wording and typography.

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1.) I designed the invitations on my computer and printed them on a lush linen paper that would hold the watercolor without rolling.

2.) I hand watercolored each piece of each invitation.

3.) Trimmed and cut the inserts

4.) Upon drying, I used a glue stick to adhere the main invitation to the pocket and the extra cards were placed in to the pocket folder.




* Give yourself plenty of time and keep in mind that invitations are the first glimpse into your wedding day. They should represent the vibe you are trying to portray.

* Also, don’t forget to save a finished set and bring with you on your wedding day. The photos are great and really tell your wedding planning story from start to finish.

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View More: by Savanah Loftus Photography

Congratulations, Hannah & Edwin!

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