My DIY Story: Burgundy & Navy Pocket Invitation


— Cristina’s Story 


I am getting married November 9th and we really wanted a rustic, but elegant style for our wedding.

Our venue is Rock Island Lake Club on a beautiful lake, so the Burgundy and Navy really went with our style. My bridesmaids will be in burgundy and the men in midnight blue suits! The colors in this kit really pulled it all together.

DIY-Wedding-Invitations-Burgundy-Navy-Blue-PocketI ordered a few different trial kits to first make sure I could do 100 the way I wanted. I had always loved the pocket style, but not the price!! When I came across Cards and Pockets, it was almost too good to be true, but it worked! I had myself and 4 bridesmaids put them together, in an assembly line two weeks ago! Thank you to my bridesmaids – Stacy, Katie, Rose, and Maggie!


A7 Signature Pocket Invitation Kit:





  • Paper Cutter
  • Crafting Sticky Tape
  • Home Printer (Canon Inkjet MG3620B)


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I already own a printer and a paper cutter. I bought the design off of Etsy and I printed everything and cut everything at home myself. I went to Walmart and purchased a few crafting sticky tape and we started the process!

1.) I found an invitation suite design from Etsy

2.) I purchased linen paper from Amazon

3.) Once I had my templates for the invite, details card, and RSVP card, I printed them all on the linen paper.


4.) Now the fun part – I cut every single section, even the belly bands! It took about 1 week, doing some every night. I made 100 of each item.

5.) Once everything was cut, I glued down the Navy mat to the pocket, with the printed linen paper on top, and put all of the rest together…with the help of my bridesmaids, of course!



Please…try it! Even if you think you can’t, you CAN! I made my dream invitations for under $200! And that’s for 110 of them. Anywhere else, this pocket design would have cost me well over $500. It averaged out to be able $1.25 each…and not the $4-6 I was quoted elsewhere!



Congratulations, Cristina and AJ!
Thank you for sharing your DIY Story with us!


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