My DIY Story: Elegant Ivory & Gold Leaf Wedding Invitations

Tania-My-DIY-Blurred-AddressPhoto by: Sara Bailles Photography

— Tania’s Story 



I had a very specific vision to our wedding invitations. I wanted them to be classic, timeless, and elegant. As someone who works in the wedding industry, I see a lot of wedding colors and instead chose to go mostly colorless with ivory and accents of gold. I had a very specific vision to our wedding invitations. I wanted them to be classic, timeless, and elegant.

Tania&Alex(9of727)Photo by: Sara Bailles Photography

I designed the invitations myself but was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend come over for a “wine and envelope assembling” evening.





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  • Krylon Gold Leaf Pens
  • Self-inking return address stamp from Etsy




Assembling the invitations was very easy!

1.) I decorated each envelope with the Gold Leaf pens, and stamped our return address on RSVP and mailing envelopes.


2.) Once I had decorated and stamped each envelope my friend and I created an assembly line.


3.) She added postage to every invitation, I stuffed the invitation (4.5 x 6.5″), RSVP card (3.5 × 5″) & RSVP envelope (3 5/8 x 5 1/8″) into each outer envelope (A7).

4.) Then we both hand addressed each invitation.

My-DIY-Tania-Wedding-Envelopes-Mist-Address-Stamp-Gold-LeafPhoto by: Sarah Bailles Photography



Don’t be afraid to order samples! I ordered 10 different envelope colors and took the pen to every color until I found what I had envisioned!

My-DIY-Tania-Wedding-Invitations-Envelope-Color-SamplesMy-DIY-Tania-Wedding-PhotosPhotos by: Sarah Bailles Photography


Congratulations, Tania & Alex!

Thank you for sharing your DIY Story with us!


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