3 Easy Ways to Mail Laser Petal Fold Invitations

Laser-Cut-Petal-Fold-Wedding-InvitationsIf you want an easy way to add lots of style to your DIY wedding invitations, laser cut petal folds might be just the thing for you. With all of the intricate laser cut details, you may be wondering the best way to present them to your guests, so we have a few tips on how to package up these pretty petal folds and send them to your family and friends.

Make sure to watch the video at the end of this post to see exactly how we assembled each style!


1.) Petal Invitation on its Own

One of the best things about using laser cut petal folds in your wedding invitations is that they make a statement all on their own. You don’t need to add much to create a stunning suite.

Just add your square invitation card to the center, plus an RSVP card and envelope. Then fold the whole thing up and carefully slide into your mailing envelope without any other add-ons.


To assemble: Just mount your square invitation card to the center of the petal fold with a tape dispenser.


Add your RSVP card and envelope, and any other inserts you would like to include before folding your petal fold up completely and carefully sliding it into your mailing envelope.



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2.) With a Simple Belly Band

For a simple and sophisticated embellishment (and an easy way to hold down the petals of your invitation) wrap a belly band around your invitation suite.


Our “long” belly band fits perfectly on these petal folds. You can opt for a thin version, too, or even have belly bands custom printed.

To assemble: Once your invitation is mounted to your petal fold, carefully fold the edges of the petal fold inward.

Then lay your belly band on top of your folded petal invitation so that it’s straight and centered. Fold one side to the back, then flip over, pull the loose side tight, and line up with the already folded side. Seal with tape or a Glue Dot in the back, making sure it is tight and secure to keep your petal fold closed.


Now that your petal fold is wrapped securely, you can easily slide it into your envelope of choice!




3.) Tied up with String

Tying your petal fold closed with string or ribbon is a charming way to present your invitation to your guests.


To assemble: After your invitation is mounted to your petal fold, carefully fold the edges of the petal fold inward.

Tie your string around your petal invitation just like you’d wrap a present! Once you have your string cut, lay it on top of your folded petal fold invitation so that it’s straight and centered. Then flip it over, cross the string in the back, and wrap it around the opposite sides. Flip it over to the front again and tie the two ends into a small bow. Trim the ends to your desired length.


Slide your prettily packaged invitation into the mailing envelope of your choice.




And there you have it! Three simple ways to package and present your laser cut wedding invitations to your guests.


See exactly how we did all three in this short video tutorial:


We’d love to see your laser petal fold invitation ideas! Leave them in the comments below or post them on social media and tag @cardsandpockets or use #cardsandpockets.

Happy DIY-ing!


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